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MobileGAS: Quality, Flexilibity and Continuity

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Once natural gas was considered worthless; it was perceived only as a byproduct of oil drilling. As time went on people started to realize its potential, therefore transmission and distribution pipelines were built to channel natural gas from its source to industrial areas.

The demand for natural gas started growing, most of which came from industries located far from the edge of pipeline, but the volume was not economical to be transported by pipelines. That was how Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) business started.

MobileGAS of PT Java Energy Semesta is a combination of high quality CNG product and flexible services that guarantees required pressure and continuous energy supply for your industry. MobileGAS also checks all the other boxes: it is cheaper the closer you are and the higher volume you need; cleaner due to no spill and very low emission; flexible in volume, pressure and distribution methods ; mobile due to its reach to great distance; and safer for it has high flamability limit, low density and is equipped with high quality safety devices.



Customer Satisfaction

We take pleasure in knowing you, our customer and your needs. We understand the importance of quality products and punctual delivery for the success of your business. Our aim is to build a long-term, trusting relationship with each of our customer rather than a profit-oriented one. We continuously strive to introduce new product range, market intelligence and new network of distribution to help our clients maximize their pro- ductivity and profitability at minimal cost.


Quality Guarantee

We personally oversee the loading and unloading activities. In addition to that, during every new delivery we also appoint licensed surveyors who are recognized by local authority to be our witness for the supply and quality guarantee.

Quality Guarantee
We guarantee our products for their authenticity and quality to meet the standard and specification. We audit tightly to ensure satisfaction of customer’s needs.




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