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Our Commitment in Green Energy

Our Commitment in Providing MobileGAS as a Clean, Flexi- ble and Continuous Supply of Energy.

Indonesia has a vast amount and many kinds of clean energy potentials and resources waiting to be explored for use in industries. Compared with the other conventional non-renewable one such as petroleum, this clean energy has the advantages of having lower price tendency and being eco-friendly.

Naturally it also has some disadvantages: our clean energy resources has not yet been utilized to its maximum poten- tial due to the insufficiency of local gas transmission and distribution facilities. As a result, Indonesia is still depend- ing on imported oil despite having abundant natural gas resources.

That is where we came in. Since its establishment in June 2009, PT Java Energy Semesta (JES) has been working nonstop to solve this issue. Our MobileGAS product and services is sought-after for its quality, flexibility and conti- nuity. Our energetic team members are committed to dedi- cate their knowledge and experience towards the Oil and Gas industries as well as the energy business.

Our Vision

We aim to be a trusted, reputable, and world class clean energy provider.

Our Mission

We develop and provide quality clean energy products and services to industries by customer orientation with emphasis on:

  • Friendly environment
  • Promoting health, safety, and environment at the workplace • Development of human capital capabilities
  • Result oriented work culture
  • Establishing good corporate governance practice
  • Technology driven services
  • Maximizing shareholders wealth
  • Professional business ethics
  • Strategic partnership
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