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Together, To Care, To Share

In running the company’s vision and mission towards de- sired goals, we established seven core values as a code of conduct that is shared among and held firmly by each and every one of our team member.

Managed in a professional manner, avoiding conflicts of interest, do not tolerate bribery, upholding the trust and integrity. Guided by the principles of good corporate governance.

Administered by the leaders and workers who can be trusted and capable of fulfilling what was promised to all stakeholders.

Managed by professional leaders and workers and has the talent and technical mastery to the development of research and development capabilities.


    Administered by the leaders and workers are oriented on the benefit of our customers to provide best service to customers.

    c5: COMMIT
    Administered by the leaders and workers to build their professional ability and commitment to providing the best service to customers.

    c6: CARE
    Managed by the leaders and workers who are concerned to carry out its commitment to building professional skills and provide the best service to customers.

    Being able to compete in regional and international scale, encouraging growth through investment, building a cul- ture of cost and performance value.
    We also realize that the competitive nature of energy business can damage the industry in general. That is why we see other companies as partners instead of competi- tors. We always encourage partnership and transparency for the sake of growing the business together.

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