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Our Facility

Our Mother Station has been operating since early 2012. Located at Gresik, East Java, it has 5 MMSCFD capacity which is extendable to 10 MMSCFD and is equipped with 6 compressors.

The compressed natural gas in the form of MobileGAS is delivered on our trucks using our 40ft, 20ft, 10ft and 5ft tube skids. A backup truck is always available for every truck that delivers our product. We also offer any Pres- sure Reducing System (PRS) plus PRS operators to make sure that our MobileGas is ready for use at your factory.

Commitment to Health, Safety and Environment

We are firmly committed to:

  • Providing a healthy, safe workplace for our employees
  • Promoting a clean environment to the public
  • Complying with all laws and regulations governing these areas

Our corporate Health, Environment and Safety Department is responsible for:

  • Overall policy and program development
  • Assisting operating groups in developing specific programs, procedures, and equipment
  • Conducting health, safety and environmental reviews of oper- ating facilities to assure compliance throughout the company with all appropriate laws and regulations
  • Analyzing and distributing information on pending and enact- ed laws and regulations
  • Investigating major accidents under the direction of the Law Department


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