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Our Management

JES history began in mid-2009. Driven by the need to replace oil consumption due to its increasing and unstable price as well as coal consumption due to its adverse environmental impacts, JES was established to capitalize the founders’ knowledge, experienc- es and passion in order to develop and utilize abundant natural gas in the country.

Utilization of natural gas was started by building a CNG (Com- pressed Natural Gas) mother station in Gresik which by early 2012 began to serve the needs on industries in East Java and Central Java which had not been covered by the pipe gas service. This product in subsequently introduced with the name “MobileGAS”. As a legal basis, JES has received permission from the Directorate General of Oil and Gas for commercial business license of CNG. This was an important milestone in the development of JES.

We build consumer trust by prioritizing their interest through pro- viding quality products and 24-hour services. JES has a strong commitment to the development of reliable human resource and implements a quality management system which is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standard.
To meet demands beyond the CNG market, JES developed the use of natural gas in another mode: Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). In 2014 we succesfully tested the conversion of mining vehicle fuel from fuel oil (diesel) into a mixture of oil and natural gas (dual fuel). It became the next important milestone in the development of JES.

Andang Susilo DH
President Director

Jl. Taman Kebonsirih III No 11A

  • Andang Susilo DH

    President Director
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  • Luk Hui Chang

  • Ahmad Suwandono

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